Aug 3 2009

ListenListen Game at iTunes Store

ListenListen Game available at iTunes

ListenListen Gameâ„¢ is available now on the iTunes Store!

Sharpen your listening skills and have fun?

The ListenListen Game™ is a fresh twist on the classic games of Memory: instead of matching pairs of pictures, you match pairs of SOUNDS.  The iPhone and iPod touch are the perfect platforms for this new gaming and learning experience.

A whole new category of Memory game

ListenListen awakens your listening skills and spatial memory unlike any other game you have tried before. See if you can hear and remember the difference between the sounds, from basic cartoon noises to challenging musical notes that differ only in pitch.

ListenListen starts with only a few pairs of sounds, and builds up to twelve pairs in the final level.  Begin by mastering cartoon sounds and work up to Musical Instruments, Piano, Horn, and Bass notes. Complete each level before the Bonus Bar times out and you can progress to the next level of difficulty until you have mastered the final level.  Explore your listening skills and find out how well you can do! Then challenge your friends to see who has the best ListenListen skills.

Great Value and Fun for adults and kids!

You get five different listening challenges, each with four levels of play. This is like getting 5 games for the price of 1 game. Plus as an additional bonus, we have included two player mode so you can play with a friend on any of the five challenges.  This game was designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Play ListenListen today!  Awaken your senses and energize your life!

Click here to connect with the ListenListen Gameâ„¢ at the iTunes Store!